Air & Sea (... or "Fly & Sail")

Michael A.N. Winkler

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Before we carry on with you learning how to fly, please be aware of the following:

Compared to riding cars in the United States, you are ....

1) ... approximately 7    x more likely to die in a General Aviation airplane per mile traveled.

2) ... approximately 3.5 x more likely to die in a General Aviation airplane per hour spent on the plane.


3) What I will teach you is to MANAGE those risks, by giving you the relevant tools!  You will lessen the risks stated above considerably through training, knowledge, and practice.


In this regard, flying is no different from scuba diving, renting watercraft, or even skiiing!  You must exercise prudence and caution!


A good comparison is getting a ride from your 55 year old mother vs. driving with your 19 year old son. The mother's reactions may be slower than the 19 year old son's, but she IS much safer! Insurance rates bear out this assertion.  The risk differences are considerable.


Remember that pilots, too, are not a homogenous group, and there is no reason why you should not be able to bring the odds down to "car-levels."


You will not regret having learned to fly!





Amateur Radio & Sailing:


0745 (daily)              7,268kHz LSB Waterway Radio Net

1200-2100 (daily)  14,300kHz USB Maritime Mobile Sevice Network

2200-2359 (daily)  14,300kHz USB Pacific Seafarers Net


High Frequency Weather Forecast Voice Broadcasts

Chesapeake (NMN)                                                                                                                               Frequency (USB)                                                      Time(UTC)                                                                       4426  6501              8764                                  0330 0515 0930                                                                        6501              8764           13089                                      1115  1530         2130 2315                                                     8764           13089   17314                                           1715              


New Orleans (NMN)                                                Time(UTC) Frequency (USB)                                                                                                                                   4316                   8502              12788 13089              0330 0515 0930 1115 1530 1715 2130 2315


Michael A.N. Winkler

ph: 516/343.8905